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"the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.”

Automation is a term for technology applications where human input is minimized. This includes business process automation (BPA), IT automation, personal applications such as home automation and more.

“Home automation” refers to the automatic and electronic control of house hold features, activity, and appliances. In simple terms, it means you can easily control the utilities and features of your home via the Internet to make life more convenient and secure.

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Security and technology to its next level.


Lighting Automation

Lighting automation system is used to Switch ON/ OFF lights, schecule, Timings, RGB adjustments and also adjust Brightness. Usage and power consumption can be calculated. Control using mobile aplication over Internet.

Smart Switches

Chages the traditional switches to wifi smart switch. Switch ON/ OFF , schecule working of Electronics and electrical equipments. Usage and power consumption can be calculated. Control using mobile aplication over Internet.

Smart Locks

Electromechanical lock that is designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives a prompt via an electronic keypad, biometric sensor, access card, Bluetooth, or Wi-FI from a registered mobile device.

Smart Sensors

Motion Sensor,Gas Sensor, Water Lekage Sensor, Door Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor. Sensors works according to the schedule and programming.

Smart WiFi Valve

Smart Valve allows you to control your domestic and industrial Water, Gas and Chemical supply from anywhere in the world using Smart App.

Smart Pump Controller

Automatic control of overhead and underground tanks, No manpower required. Works with all single phase motors. Provided with 3 sensors with load.

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